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SC Models is an Australian based company run by members of the Australian aeromodelling community. We have at least 20 years experience in building and flying all types of model aircraft, from competition standard scale models to sports aerobatic aircraft and the latest electric fun fly. SC Models was formed because we were frustrated at the quality and prices of some of the products available in Australia compared to those available overseas. We set out to import quality products we use or wanted to try and by keeping overheads down can pass them onto the aeromodelling public at prices comparable to those available overseas. SC Models imports high quality products from overseas and due to our low overheads we can offer them to you at a great price - Quality at the Right Price is our motto. SC Models only stocks products that we have tested and are currently using in our own aircraft. SC Models values your business and knows that the aeromodelling public deserve the best and that's what we deliver; so you can always shop with confidence knowing we wouldn't sell a product we wouldn't use in our models.

We also recognise that the aeromodelling hobby needs support from suppliers and we are keen to help the flying clubs in Australia with sponsorship. If your club has an event you think we should attend or sponsor please contact us. We are most interested in events linked to our main products, electric models and jets.

Agents For Fine Products

SC Models is the exclusive Australia agent for Motrolfly electric motors and speed controllers. They are a fantastic electric motor and give great power to weight performance. All data specified with each motor is proven performance. Motrolfly motors have a wide range of electric motors and speed controllers that we are sure will meet all your needs.

SC Models is also the exclusive East Coast agent for Dura-GRIT tools and stock a full range. Dura-GRIT tools are constructed from extremely high quality Tungsten Carbide giving them a very long life compared to conventional tool bits and sand paper. These tools are ideal for the model maker as they readily cut and sand fibreglass, wood, plastic, rubber, kevlar and even ceramic tiles. The high speed rotary tools can be used on Dremel, and many other high speed drills at speeds up to 35,000 RPM. Dura-GRIT tools are the most versatile cutting and shaping tools you'll ever use and last hundreds of times longer than sandpaper.

SC Models stocks jet aircraft suitable for EDF and turbines. SC Models is the exclusive dealer for RO Jets; a new comer to the construction of model jet aircraft. RO Jets are constructed using the latest in technologies and are extremely light and strong giving then excellent flight performance. We are currently investigating EDFs with the aim of selling EDFs for these models providing a low cost entry into scale jet aircraft. SC Models is also the Australian dealer for Century Jet Models, we will stock the complete range of aircraft, retracts and accessories for your every need.

SC Models also stocks standard RC accessories and the new Corona synthesised receivers; the 4 channel is in stock and the 6 channel will be available when it is released early in 2008. Say good-bye to crystals forever. These light weight receivers are ideal for electric models and gliders and outperform all other similar receivers.

New Products

SC Models is constantly looking for products to import and for retailers who would like to stock our products. Please contact us if we can help in anyway.

Dealers Welcome

We are also looking for new products to test and import so please contact us if there are products you think we should investigate. If you are a retailer and would like to stock our products we are more than happy to discuss a business arrangement.

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