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Dura-GRIT ¼" Conical Tip Burr (80 Grit)

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Dura-GRIT 1/4" Conical Tip Burr (80 Grit)
Code: SC-SR-CTB-080
Description: ¼" conical tip burr on 1/8" mandrel with 80 (standard) grit - 35,000RPM rated. This versatile tool can be used to carve detail, to gauge, to start or enlarge holes in a range of materials including kevlar and rubber. The edges can be used to sand and shape. As with all Dura-GRIT tools the grit will not tear loose and will last a lifetime. The burr can be cleaned with a wire brush, soaked in solvent or even burned with a propane torch, to remove stubborn clogs such as sap, paint or urethane.
Manufacturer: DURA-GRIT Inc.
Price: $20.00 (includes free postal delivery in Australia)
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