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Dura-GRIT ½" Sanding Drum (120 Grit)

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Dura-GRIT 1/2" Sanding Drum (120 Grit)
Code: SC-SR-SD2-120
Please note: This product is currently unavailable.
Description: ½" sanding drum with 120 (fine) grit - 35,000RPM rated. This sanding drum is designed for use with the Dremel mandrel. Never have to replace those paper sanding drums again. Does all that the paper drum does and more, yet is always sharp. As with all Dura-GRIT tools the grit will not tear loose and will last a lifetime. The burr can be cleaned with a wire brush, soaked in solvent or even burned with a propane torch, to remove stubborn clogs such as sap, paint or urethane.
Manufacturer: DURA-GRIT Inc.
Price: $20.00 (includes free postal delivery in Australia)
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