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General Dynamics XYF-1 Pogo Short Kit

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General Dynamics XYF-1 Pogo Short Kit
Other views: General Dynamics XYF-1 Pogo Short KitGeneral Dynamics XYF-1 Pogo Short Kit
Description: The short kit for this XYF-1 Pogo has been designed by Charles G Loud III and is a scale masterpiece. The aircraft is designed for the Himark CR6320 counter rotating blade motor swinging 2 × 3 blade 17 inch propellors. The aircraft is a vertical take off and landing aircraft. The aircraft is designed as a single piece. Construction follows traditional methods involving balsa and ply.
The short kit includes all fuselage formers and ribs, 363 pieces in total. Also included in the short kit is a set of half size plans. These plans are at half size to the plane and are extremely detailed drawings. A set of construction notes is also included. Balsa sheeting can be supplied separately as well as fibreglass components, hardware kit and landing gear.
Scale 1:4
Wingspan (inches) 82.94
Wingspan (mm) 2106.676
Fuselage length (inches) 104.94
Fuselage length (mm) 2665.476
Motor counter rotating Himark CR6320
Manufacturer: ByLoudDesign Planes
Price: Contact us
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