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DM5320 300KV Brushless Motor

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DM5320 300KV Brushless Motor
Code: SC-DM5320-0300
Please note: This product is currently unavailable.
Description: This brushless motor produces 2300W of power with a 6 cell and 2800W with an 8 cell LiPo, and yet weighs only 496g, giving it a power to weight ratio advantage over other comparable electric motors. It is suitable for 3D planes up to 6.5kg and sport planes to 8.3kg. It comes complete with separate motor mount and bolt on prop adapter.
KV 300
Stator width 53mm
Stator height 20mm
Motor width 65mm
Motor length 55mm
Hub shaft diameter 8mm
Motor shaft diameter 8mm
Suggested Components
Propellor (6S) 20 × 10 to 22 × 10
Propellor (8S) 29 × 10 to 20 × 10
Battery 6 - 8 cell LiPo
Manufacturer: Motrolfly
Weight (metric): 496 g.
Price: $190.00 (includes free postal delivery in Australia)
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