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ADP Fiber Optic Kill Switch System

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ADP Fiber Optic Kill Switch System
Code: SC-EDR107
Description: Stuck throttle, engine running too fast to land? Shut down your petrol engine simply and easily from your transmitter. This Fiber Optic Kill Switch is THE Ultra-Reliable No-Interference Gas Ignition Kill Switch System. NOW IMPROVED with Advanced Deadstick Prevention!
No spark noise Interference!
NOTHING beats physical distance between your engine's High-Voltage Ignition and your RC System for squashing spark noise interference, even with 2.4GHz systems!
The EDR-107 System uses a plastic Optical Fiber to maintain a safe separation between Rx and Ignition.
NOW, it's even better - ADP prevents an accidental deadstick if you should bump the Engine Kill switch on your Tx instead of the retract or dual-rate switch.
The Ignition is shut off only after a 5-second "change-your-mind" delay...
For immediate Ignition Kill, "Double-click" the Tx Engine Kill switch.
Save one precious channel - 'Kill-with-Throttle-Trim'!
May also be programmed to function in the old Traditional Kill Switch mode, i.e., with ADP function disabled, for those who prefer it that way.
Manufacturer: Electrodynamics
Weight (metric): 35 g.
Price: $73.00 (includes free postal delivery in Australia)
See also: Instruction sheet (PDF, 2.7MB)

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