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Pow'R Bus Pro

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Pow'R Bus Pro
Code: SC-EDR111
Please note: This product is currently unavailable.
Description: This Power Bus isolates servo noise and loads from the Rx to provide glitch proof, worry free flying. Simply plug you servos into the bus and connect the leads from the bus into the Rx. A separate power supply is used for the servos and Rx to protect the Rx from stalled servos and power line transients.
This bus provides an Optically-Isolated and Amplified Control Signal to servos for Worry-Free operation with many large servos driving heavy loads. There is no wiring or conductors shared between the Rx and the servos. [Non-optically-isolated systems use a common electrical ground between the servos and the Rx.]

The benefits of optical isolation are:

  • Superior radio interference rejection.
  • There is no possibility of conducted interference propagating along a common ground. This is so effective, the EDR-111 and its derivative are employed on NASA research UAV's, and several other University Aerospace department research projects.
  • Ability to charge both Rx and servo batteries simultaneously from one multi-output charger, or two DC field chargers using the same 12V field battery. A common ground often confuses chargers so that one or both batteries does not get a full charge, or worse, damage to the charger or batteries can occur. With a non-optically-isolated system, you have to physically disconnect (i.e., unplug) at least one of batteries before charging, or charge them one-at-a-time. With the EDR-111 there is no such inconvenience or possibility of damage due to "senior moment" error.
Battery voltage 4.8V - 6V
Channels 6
Manufacturer: Electrodynamics
Weight (metric): 35 g.
Price: $80.00 (includes free postal delivery in Australia)
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See also: Instruction sheet (PDF, 869kB)

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