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Emcotec Safety Power Switch 18V - 60V 60A/120A

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Emcotec Safety Power Switch 18V - 60V 60A/120A
Other views: Emcotec Safety Power Switch 18V - 60V 60A/120A
Code: SC-EM-SW60V-120A
Description: This power safety switch has anti-flash protection and is designed for electric powered aircraft and helicopters. The switch is mounted between the ESC and the LiPo which allows the connection of the battery without the usual spark. The motor cannot start accidentally making for a completely safe system.
The switch comes with a neat magnetic actuator which mounts on the outside of the plane and is activated by the removal of the switch. The switch is designed to replicate the fuel filler of a real aircraft making it easy to blend into fuselage. A bright LED shines in the switch to indicate "power on".
An alternative "pin switch" can be purchased if required.
Voltage 18V - 60V
Battery 6S - 14S
Continuous current 60A
Burst current 120A
Manufacturer: Emcotec
Price: $120.00 (includes free postal delivery in Australia)
See also: Emcotec instructions (PDF: 1·05Mbytes)
Alternative 'pin switch'
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