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HS-5085MG Digital Micro Servo (pair)

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HS-5085MG Digital Micro Servo (pair)
Code: SC-HS5085MG
Please note: This product is currently unavailable.
Description: This item includes two (2) HS-5085MG digital micro servos. The HS-5085MG has 4·3kgs·cm of torque which in a micro servo is amazing. Not only does the HS-5085MG give you power, it also offers excellent centering, resolution and durability and weight saving with out sacrificing performance. The HS-5085MG offers a fine balance between speed and torque. It also incorporates the standard Hitec spline meaning that all of your servo horns for standard Hitec servos will fit the HS-5085MG.
Control system +Pulse Width Control 1500μs Neutral
Operating voltage 4·8 — 6·0
Operating temperature range -20°C — +60°C
Operating speed (no load) 0·17s/60d (4·8V)
Operating speed (no load) 0·13s/60d (6·0V)
Stall torque (metric) 3·6kg·cm (4·8V)
Stall torque (imperial) 50·0oz/in (4·8V)
Stall torque (metric) 4·3kg·cm (6·0V)
Stall torque (imperial) 59·7oz/in (6·0V)
Continuous rotation modifiable Yes
Direction Clockwise/Pulse Traveling at 1500μs — 1900μs
Current drain (idle) 200mA (4·8V)
Current drain (lock/stall) 2·0A (4·8V)
Current drain (idle) 240mA (6·0V)
Current drain (lock/stall) 3·0A (6·0V)
Dead band width 2μs
Motor type Carbon Brush
Bearing type Dual Ball Bearing MR106
Gear type Metal
Connector wire length 178mm
Dimensions 29mm × 13mm × 30mm
Weight (each) 21·9g
Manufacturer: Hitec
Price: $95.00 (includes free postal delivery in Australia)
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