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HS-645MG Ultra Torque Analoge Servo (pair)

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HS-645MG Ultra Torque Analoge Servo (pair)
Code: SC-HS645MG
Please note: This product is currently unavailable.
Description: This item includes two (2) HS-645MG Ultra torque servos. The HS-645MG is one of the favourite of all time servos. Its uses are endless from model aircraft, boating, cars, trucks, robotic applications and industrial products. The reliability and performance that you get with the HS-645MG is fantastic. Metal gears, dual ball bearings, separated motor and circuit board makes the HS-645MG a top choice. the HS-645MG offers amazing value for money.
Control system +Pulse Width Control 1500μs Neutral
Operating voltage 4·8 — 6·0
Operating temperature range -20°C — +60°C
Operating speed (no load) 0·24s/60d (4·8V)
Operating speed (no load) 0·20s/60d (6·0V)
Stall torque (metric) 7·7kg·cm (4·8V)
Stall torque (imperial) 106·93oz/in (4·8V)
Stall torque (metric) 9·6kg·cm (6·0V)
Stall torque (imperial) 133·31oz/in (6·0V)
Continuous rotation modifiable Yes
Direction Clockwise/Pulse Traveling at 1500μs — 1900μs
Current drain (idle) 8·8mA (4·8V)
Current drain (no load) 350mA (4·8V)
Current drain (idle) 9·1mA (6·0V)
Current drain (no load) 450mA (6·0V)
Dead band width 8μs
Motor type 3 Pole Ferrite
Bearing type Dual Ball Bearing
Gear type 3 Metal Gears and 1 Resin Metal Gear
Connector wire length 300mm
Dimensions 40·6mm × 19·8mm × 37·8mm
Weight, each 55·2g
Manufacturer: Hitec
Weight (metric): 170 g.
Price: $95.00 (includes free postal delivery in Australia)
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