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SC Models July 2009 Newsletter

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Welcome to the July edition of the SC Models newsletter; this month we have an exciting new range of aircraft to introduce to you as well as many new Li-Pos that we are now stocking. If you haven't visited our website in a while please have a look at all of our products that we think that you will really enjoy.

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Motrolfly 2220 1100KV Brushless Outrunner

Motrolfly has just added a new brushless outrunner to its impressive collection and SC Models has put it through its paces and it is one impressive little motor. The 2220 is designed to fit between the really popular 2210 1700KV and the 2810 830KV motors. It's a totally new design for Motrolfly and produces 200W on a 20A speed controller. Its designed for 2-3 Li-Pos and weighs 71 grams. It's a powerful little motor that really packs a great punch.

Recommended models are motorised gliders up to 1.8kgs, aerobatic up to 1.1kgs 3D up to 600 grams and speed up to 800 grams. Recommended prop size is 9×4.7 to 10×4.7. When you are looking for your next small yet powerful electric motor keep the 2220 in mind it will definitely impress.

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Motrolfly DM2220 1100KV Brushless Motor

DM2220 1100KV Brushless Motor

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