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TheRCCustomJets L-39 1:5·5 Turbine Version Short Kit

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TheRCCustomJets L-39 1:55 Turbine Version Short Kit
Other views: TheRCCustomJets L-39 1:55 Turbine Version Short KitTheRCCustomJets L-39 1:55 Turbine Version Short KitTheRCCustomJets L-39 1:55 Turbine Version Short Kit
Code: SC-RCJ-L39T
Description: Short Kit for TheRcCustomeJet 1:5·5 L-39 Albatros turbine version. This short kit consists of a complete set of laser cut ply set of ribs and formers to construct this amazing aircraft. The construction kit for the 1:5·5 L-39 has been designed specifically to be powered by a turbine between 80-120N. The final model shape is very accurate with only a slightly modified airfoil. The model has a hatch to store mechanic and access your powerplant behind the wing join. The skeleton model is very sophisticated, offering enough support points for covering in balsa yet allows for simple and fast construction. The Albatros L-39 is designed for takeoff weight between 8-13kgs.
No plans are included in this short kit as they are not needed in order to construct this kit. All parts are numbered and its simply as easy as placing the pieces where they are required and you have your frame made. The basic frame can be framed up in less than 3 hours.
The basic kit features: All laser cut formers and wing ribs in 3mm ply wood, fibreglass ducting and clear canopy.
Length (mm) 2100
Length (inches) 82·68
Wingspan (mm) 1600
Wingspan (inches) 62·99
Scale 1/5·5 (approx)
Powerplant 8-120N or 120mm EDF
Channels 5 to 10
Flying weight (kg) 8 - 13 (approx)
Manufacturer: The RC Custom Jets
Price: $475.00 (includes free postal delivery in Australia)
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