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SBD Dauntless Plans

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SBD Dauntless Plans
Description: Nick Ziroli Plans for the 100" wingspan SBD Dauntless. The giant scale SBD Dauntless plan set is 1/5 scale and consists of five large sheets that clearly illustrate all structure as well as showing installation of flaps, dive brakes and retracts. The SBD Dauntless plan shows the installation of retracts, bomb trapeze, fixed wire gear, servos and Quadra 75 engine and features three piece wing.
The basic structures use conventional "modeling" tools and materials such as balsa and plywood, and the techniques are straightforward; easily accomplished by anyone with previous model building experience.
Scale 2·4":1'
Wingspan (inches) 100
Length (inches) 78
Wing area (square inches) 1750
Weight range (lbs) 30 - 40
Weight range (kg) 13 - 18
Engine (cubic inches) 3·7 - 5·2
Manufacturer: Ziroli Plans
Price: $95.00 (includes free postal delivery in Australia)
See also: CJM Retracts
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